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Pack Your Salads in Mason Jars and You’ll Have a Quick and Easy Meal to Grab On-the-Go

Our busy schedules often leave us with little time to plan and prepare meals, let alone nutritious meals that help us to eat the recommended amount of vegetables each day. One way to fit healthy salads into our routine is to pre-package them in mason jars and grab them when meal time comes. The seal on the mason jars helps keep the salad ingredients fresh for several days, so you can prepare your salads on Sunday night and eat them all week long.

First, start with clean mason jars and then follow these steps:

  • Salad dressing – Put your desired salad dressing at the bottom of the jar so that it will stay separated from the greens until you’re ready to mix and eat your salad.
  • Veggies – Once your salad dressing is in the jar, put your vegetables on top. Your denser veggies should go first (like carrots), and then softer vegetables (like tomatoes) are next. The dense vegetables won’t get soggy in your salad dressing on the bottom of the jar.
  • Greens – Whether you’re using spinach, kale, or lettuce, fill up at least half your jar with your leafy greens.
  • Protein – This includes cooked meat, nuts, seeds, and cheese, which go on top.
  • Close the jar – Screw the cap on tightly and store in your fridge until you’re ready to eat!

Just make sure to store your jars upright in your refrigerator so that the dressing stays on the bottom and doesn’t make the rest of your salad soggy. When you’re ready to eat your salad, just shake the jar until the dressing is mixed in, open the jar, and enjoy.

If you’re looking for a Lady Lake apartment with a modern kitchen where you can prepare delicious meals like mason jar salads, contact The Quarters Apartment Homes today. Our leasing staff would be happy to help you.