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How to Maximize the Space in Your Small Apartment in Lady Lake, FL

So, you’ve found yourself living in a small apartment in Lady Lake, Florida—now what? While living in a small space can feel cozy, it can also be problematic when the amount of clutter starts to feel like it’s encroaching on your living space. However, there are several ways that you can maximize the space in your small apartment that are simple and effective:

  • Think vertical – When looking at a small space, it’s important to look up! Choose media cabinets, dressers, and other storage options that have less square footage on the floor but that extend toward the ceiling. You can also stack shelving units on top of each other, or use built-in shelving that can function as an entertainment center, bookshelf, and decorative piece all in one.
  • Hang large items – In keeping with “thinking vertical,” you can also consider hanging large items, such as a bicycle or other outdoor equipment from hooks on the ceiling or walls.
  • Use multifunctional furniture – Purchase “double-duty” furniture. For instance, where you might have a coffee table, end table, or bedside table, consider using a trunk for storage, or you can invest in a couch that turns into a bed.
  • Get organized – Organization will be your best friend in a small apartment. Donate any clothes, cookware, bathroom items, and any other possessions you don’t use that are just taking up space. Then create a system that keeps everything in its place so you avoid buying duplicate items. For example, have an “office supply” drawer or bin for exercise equipment.
  • Utilize unused space – Think about using space under the bed, behind a couch or door, or over the fridge.

The Quarters Apartments

You won’t have to sacrifice space when you move into The Quarters Apartment Homes in Lady Lake, FL. Our units have ample storage space and spacious walk-in closets, in addition to sleek appliances and convenient amenities, including a gym and pool. Contact us today for more information and to schedule your tour!