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Rath Harper

Using Your Garbage Disposal Responsibly

Garbage disposals turn washing dishes and cleaning the sink into much easier tasks, making disposals a valuable amenity in any kitchen. However, there are limitations to what a garbage disposal can handle. While it can be tempting to throw everything down the disposal and grind it up, there are actually many scraps that you should avoid tossing down there.

Garbage disposals are not designed to be trash cans, so throwing too much waste into them can not only damage the disposal itself, but can also be harmful to the pipes and even contaminate water sources. To make sure you are using your garbage disposal responsibly, throw these items in the trash instead of down the drain:

  • Coffee grounds – Coffee grounds can collect in the pipes and block up your drain
  • Pasta and rice – Water seeps into these grains and expands them, so they are likely to get stuck in the pipes and cause problems
  • Corn husks - Corn husks tear into stringy pieces that wrap around your disposal’s blades and get stuck
  • Grease – Any liquid that becomes solid at room temperature, like bacon grease or Crisco, will get stuck in the pipes and clog them

The next time you’re about to throw something down the drain at your apartment, double check that it’s safe to do so to keep your disposal working properly. To learn more about the many amenities our Lady Lake apartment homes have to offer, contact our leasing office.